Is Medium Worth It?

It’s one of those days, where I really do not feel like doing anything. It's dark outside and looks like we are going to get rain. It was a slow start to the day. I have not done much of anything. …

Some of the wonderful articles I read throughout the day.

Reading Through the Soul

I read more than write. If you can believe that. I love reading different types of articles. I spend most of my mornings cleaning and reading other amazing writers' works.

I deiced, I was going to try and post one…

I did not know, Citronella is toxic until I looked it up.

Citronella is Toxic

Did you know Citronella is toxic to your pets? Citronella is a popular bug repellant used in many products, including candles and sprays. There are even Citronella wristbands you can wear. These products are highly dangerous to pets and you should use them with caution.

Never Use Citronella Products Around Pets

Why you should care!

Every Writer should keep track of their writing. I know many writers who just write and post their articles. They don’t save them or write the title down. This is wrong if you want to be a long-term writer. …

Writing is Your Mark on the World

If you want to be a writer, you need to know writing is your mark on the world. You need to know what you want your mark on the world to be. Most writers write in many styles and genres. Writing many types of pieces. …

Just a little pose I wrote about writing. Believing we are all here to have a better understanding of ourselves. Writing is a wonderful way to discover your true self. Discover who you truly are by writing.

Discover Who You Are Through Writing

Another time, another place to write, takes you to another world.

Writing sets…

Read! Read! Read! And Read some more!

Writing on Medium

I have been writing for what seems like forever. Enjoy writing poetry and short stories from a young age. I enjoy reading this type of writing still. I must read thousands of articles a week. …

Reading Helps With Writing

I am a writer, but I also do a lot of reading. Mostly I read stuff online. I love reading books, but as a blogger, you need to read other blogs. Sometimes finding myself not writing because I am reading.

There are lots of wonderful reasons reading can help you…

My Guardian Angel is watching over me

Photo by Brenda Marie Fluharty ©2021 all right reserved

Gifted 50 Cents From Heaven on a Long, Tiring Day

Gifted 50 Cents From Heaven

Do you believe in signs from Heaven? Do you believe in Guardian Angels? I believe in both. Last week I got a sign from Heaven. I believe it was a sign sent to me by my guardian angel, my grandfather Chapman.

Gifted 50-Cents From Heaven on a Long, Tiring Day

Poem about poetry

I have enjoyed writing my whole life. Writing in different genres and different styles to make my writing complete. Poetry was my first writing love, and it has a hold on me. I cannot resist writing poetry.

Poetry Has a Hold on Me

Poetry has a hold on me

And it will not set me free.

Brenda Marie Fluharty

Brenda Marie Fluharty is a freelance writer, blogger, poet and author. She is the author of Writing Through the Soul.

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